Relating to the residential area or community beyond a city's suburbs.
penturbanite n.
penturb n.
penturbia n.
penturbian adj.
Example Citation:
Good schools, low crime rates, clean air, ample recreational facilities and short, traffic-free commutes are assets usually cited by penturban business recruiters.
— Gordon Robison, "Small Favors: In Penturbia, the Bottom Line Isn't Found on the Balance Sheet," Plants Sites & Parks, May 1995
Earliest Citation:
To prevent runaway growth and conserve local resources, penturbanites demand judicious county planning. penturban land is still available at bargain prices, so middle-income families can often afford to live on two- to five-acre sites. To the caring conserver, the old buildings in penturban towns are neither unattractive nor useless, but rich in nostalgia and generally less expensive than new construction.
— Jack Lessinger, "The emerging region of opportunity," American Demographics, June 1, 1987
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